dublin free tour

Dublin Free Walking Tour

Like all good stories, one night over a couple of pints of Guinness two guys thought visitors should have a genuine Dublin experience, run by locals who know the city. Hence the birth of the Dublin Free Walking Tour.

After searching for and hiring the most experienced, entertaining, and charismatic walking tour guides Dublin had to offer, many miles of walking, countless hours of research, and discussing what can we offer visitors different from the rest, we came up with the secret formula to share our city with visitors and locals alike.

We offer FREE walking tours several times every day at will show you the better-known sights Dublin has to offer, Trinity College, Dublin Castle, Temple bar, the cathedrals, and many more locations on our Southside tour and we also offer a rebellion and independence tour on the Northside at 3.30 pm every afternoon.

Throw this together with some Drink, music, literature, and sex and we will send you away understanding a little more about the Irish and see why supposedly, Freud once said something like, “The Irish are the one race for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever.”